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About Colby Perth

Front_of_Colby_Perth_WarehouseColby Perth proudly provides storage solutions in Western Australia as well as the other states of Australia and New Zealand.  We are part of the national distribution system for Colby Pallet Racking and Storage Systems with products manufactured in Australia by Dematic using Bluescope steel.  

Colby Perth has the local knowledge of Western Australia's unique requirements and have blended these with the multinational capability of Dematic to provide pallet storage systems with the lowest cost of ownership.

While many competitors choose to manufacture offshore, Dematic is committed to using local expertise and raw materials to build world class storage products here in Australia.  

Dematic has attained full certification to ISO9001. This is the highest level of certification and includes procedures for design, development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing. 

The proven quality procedures used throughout the organisation along with experienced staff give our clients the assurance of a quality management and delivery service throughout all projects. Quality is therefore not only in our products but also in the way we do business.

Dematic has carried out extensive independent physical testing of Colby Racking components over a number of years.

The most important tests include those carried out on uprights, base plates and beam end connectors.  Dematic has performed these tests in accordance with the Australian racking standard AS4084 and the European FEM specification FEM 10.2.02.  These tests provide the data which are utilised in the structural design process for Colby Racks - RACKMAN. 

The tests have been carried out at the University of Sydney Centre for Advanced Structural Engineering and a leading European authority on racking systems, the Institut fur Schweisstechnik und Ingenierurburo, in Darmstadt, Germany.  Independent proof checking of Colby Rack designs has been performed by Cardno Limited in Sydney.