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Pallet Racking Perth, WA


Colby Pallet Racking. Buy your Industrial Warehouse Racks in Perth, WA

To store materials in the warehouse and keep them organised is an art. Flawless industrial pallet racking systems transform the way storage management is done. Pallet racking varies significantly when it comes to configuration, specifications, and application. Usually, the design of the pallet racking system is made according to the building structure and your operational processes.

You need a storage solution that will help you store, move, and manage materials efficiently in your warehouse storage space. The pallet racking systems you choose should be able to manage even the most complex tasks of material management to optimise space, streamline inventory, improve the accuracy of picks, and reduce the operating costs.


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Which Pallet Racking is Right for My Business?

You need to consider various factors when choosing pallet racking for managing your warehouse inventor.  Too many times we focus only on optimising the storage space. 

Buying the best commercial warehouse racks. Here are other factors you need to consider:

  • The floor space capacity at the warehouse;
  • Height of the warehouse ceiling;
  • Types of storage materials;
  • Frequency of accessing the pallets
  • The shelf life of the stored items;
  • Inventory method you follow: FIFO or LIFO;
  • Types and sizes of forklifts you use to access the pallet racking systems.

According to these listed factors, the workers in your warehouse can move through the different pallet racks and pick the right item for inventory management. 


Types of Pallet Racking:

Selective Pallet Racking

This is the most common way of storing pallets. This method provides instant access to any pallet without shuffling any stock. 

  • Standard Selective Pallet Racking: Standard selective pallet racking optimises the storage and improves flexibility, access, and movement within the floor space. 

  • Double-deep Pallet Racking: Double-deep pallet racking is perhaps an ideal blend of selective and non-selective pallet racking systems. 

  • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking: It is a traditional selective pallet racking containing narrower aisles and is used for pairing up with a specifically designed turret truck. 



High-Density Pallet Storing

High-density or non-selective pallet racking systems have excellent space efficiency. 

  • Drive-In Pallet Racking: Drive-in racking is the most cost-effective racking solution for high-density pallet storing. It maximises warehouse space and accommodates the use of various forklifts.

  • Push-back Pallet Racking: This type of pallet racking provides storage where pallet storing is done 2, 3, and 4 deep. In this method, stored items are pushed back on rails mounted within the pallet racking. 

  • Pallet Live Storage : Pallet Live Storage or PLS are loaded in the rear side of the racking and slowly roll forward using rubber or steel wheels to the front position. 

  • Satellite Racking: Semi-automated satellite racking is perfect for shielding materials at shipping docks before loaded to trucks. 

  • Mobile Pallet Racking: Mobile racking is a single or double deep rack that is mounted onto the mobile bases.


Safety Considerations

It is important that you protect your storage, equipment, and your workers. As part of our comprehensive OHS system, ColbyRACK has the accreditation of the AS/NZS 4801 Occupational health and management system and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management system.


Colby's Rack Protection System

Improve safety and reduce costs of damage 

To provide safety from accidental collisions with racking, Colby offers various rack protection products, including:  

  • Protect-a-Rack Upright Protector;
  • End-of-aisle Guards;
  • Rear Upright Protector.

When buying the ideal type of pallet racking system for your commercial storage, you need to consider all these factors and features to streamline your store operations, maximise efficiency, and get the optimal value for your investment. 

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