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Warehouse Racking, Perth, WA


Buy Colby Warehouse Pallet Racking. 


If you want efficient and productive warehouse or commercial storage, your choice of pallet racking can make (or break) the smooth running of your storage and logistics operations. This is why organised warehouse racking is essential for maximising space and improving efficiency and streamlining the picking process. For a smooth warehouse operation, the layout of the storage is crucial for racking, including docking locations, aisle width, shipping areas, and other elements.


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Here are the various commercial warehouse pallet racking options that Colby Perth offers:

Selective Pallet Racking

Selective racking is the most common pallet racking system, which provides access from an aisle. This warehouse racking system is useful for narrow aisle racking, deep-reach systems, standard systems. Selective racks need special narrow lift trucks and fit a single pallet in depth.




Double Deep Pallet Racking 

The double deep rack has a similarity with selective racking. However, here the storing of pallets happens two rows deep instead of one. This type of racking needs specialised equipment for handling pallets like a specialised forklift. A reach truck is the most common type of forklift used for double deep racking.  

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow aisle pallet racking is ideal for space saving in the commercial storage that has limited floor space. This type of racking allows the storing to the maximum capacity, quick order picking, and fast access to pallets. Narrow aisle racking is particularly useful for lower-throughput materials and reserve storage of bulk items. 

Drive-In Rack

Drive-in racking is the most commonly used and popular type of racking under high-density pallet racking. It is also quite a cost-effective racking solution. This racking optimises storage space and allows easy movement of various forklifts. Drive-in racks are especially suitable for the last in-first out (LIFO) method, which is common for non-perishable products or items with low turnover.

Pallet Live Storage (PLS)

In the first-in-first-out (FIFO) method, the items stored first will also move out first. Each separate channel in a block contains pallets from the loading side. Then the products are picked from the opposite side. In the pallet live storage (PLS) racking, the storing of pallets takes place on inclined tracks with wheels or rollers. After one pallet moves out, another behind it slowly takes its place and enables an automatic stock rotation. 

Push-back Pallet Racking

Push-back pallet racking is an accumulative storage system that helps warehouses to store items up to four pallets deep per level. In each level, all the pallets (except the top one) go on a set of trolleys that move or push along rolling rails. This type of racking is suitable for storing items with medium turnover products using the last-in-first-out (LIFO) system. 

Satellite Racking System

The satellite racking system is a combination of high storage density with improved access to pallets. This system works through both FIFO and LIFO stock control through a remote control satellite.  

This type of racking system can run up and down lanes, collect pallets, and bring them back to the front. Overall, the system enables space efficiency as well as increases the productivity of forklift drivers.

Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile pallet racking is about installing conventional pallet racking on mobile bases. This racking system allows easy opening and closing of the aisles. In addition, mobile pallet racking allows compact storage while making each pallet accessible. Colby’s mobile racking systems come with several light sensors to ensure the mobile racks operate safely with the aisles completely free from obstacles such as materials, handling equipment, and people.

Non-Palletised Racking

Non-palletised racking or heavy-duty shelving is required for handling non-palletised loads, bins, cartons, archive storage boxes, or items without packaging. This racking system makes sure that your products are safely stored for your operational efficiency. Also, using this system will help you locate and access the stored items easily for quick picking. Colby’s heavy-duty shelves are perfect for both high-rise and low storage and picking applications.